Tomas H. HARA


Tomas H. HARA

1987年   アルゼンチン、ブエノスアイレス生まれ
2011年   トルクァト・ディ・テラ大学、経営学部卒業
現在     一般企業に勤めながら東京を中心に写真家として活動


1987    Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011    Graduated in B.A. Business and Economics, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
         Moved to Tokyo
Current  Works as Human Resources professional
         Photographer based in Tokyo. Also lectures several photography courses

Born in Buenos Aires in 1987, Tomas H. Hara is an Argentinian street photographer based in Tokyo. Tomas' passion to photography was inherited at early age from his father. After graduating from university in Buenos Aires, Tomas moved Tokyo where he pursues his street photography focused on people of Shibuya, Shinjuku, and other urban cities. Tomas joined TOKYO-GA in 2020.

Tokio es una ciudad para contemplar contrastes cohexistentes. Contrastes entre el pasado y el futuro, el occidente y el oriente, el caos y la armonía, las expectativas y la realidad...todos compartiendo un mismo presente, la cual toma forma dentro en un balance extremadamente complejo y evolutivo.
Cómo podemos conocer realmente a esta ciudad? No hay mejor forma para su intérprete que ver a las personas que la conforman. Las personas de Tokio son la representación deTokio, y son todo lo vine viendo.

Tokyo is a city to contemplate coexisting contrasts. Contrasts between the past and the future, the occident and the orient, the chaos and the harmony, the expectation and the reality...all of them sharing one common present, which's form is kept in an extremely complex and evolutive balance.
How can we then really know this city? There is no better way to interpret it than by seeing the people that make part of it. The people of Tokyo are the representation of Tokyo and are all what I have been seeing.



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