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1980年生まれ、神奈川県出身、東京都在住 | 個展 | - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ ニコンサロン大阪/ 大阪 - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ ニコンサロン新宿/ 東京 - 2012: LAND OF SMILES/ Gallery NIW/ 東京 | グループ展 | - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ Gallery TANTO TEMPO/ 神戸 - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ La Quatrième Image/ パリ, フランス | フォトフェスティバル | - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/六甲山国際写真祭/ 神戸 [Emerging Photographerとして選出される] - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/レビューサンタフェフォトフェスティバル/ ニューメキシコ, USA | ショートリスト | - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ Athens Photo Festival/ ギリシャ

Hiroki Nakashima, born in 1980, is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo. | Solo Exhibitions | - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ Nikon Salon Osaka/ Osaka, Japan - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ Nikon Salon Shinjuku/ Tokyo, Japan - 2012: LAND OF SMILES/ Gallery NIW/ Tokyo, Japan | Group Exhibitions | - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ Gallery TANTO TEMPO/ Kobe, Japan - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ La Quatrième Image/ Paris, France | Photo Fair | - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ Mt.ROKKO International Photo Festival/ Kobe, Japan [Featured as an emerging photographer] - 2015: Tokyo Attribute/ Review Santa Fe Photo Festival/ New Mexico, USA | Shortlist | - 2016: Tokyo Attribute/ Athens Photo Festival/ Greece

Tokyo Attribute Statement
Tokyo Attributeは東京都渋谷区の表参道で出会った若者達のポートレート作品です。


Tokyo Attribute is a series of portraits of young strangers whom I encounter on Omotesandō Avenue in Tokyo`s Shibuya district.

Despite the extensive damage suffered in countless air raids during World War II, the avenue has evolved into the center of youth cultures and fashion trends in Tokyo after experiencing an economic boom made possible by several factors such as the Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

I was under unstable condition, lost vitality and needed to keep distance from all of my friends during adolescence, because of the death of my mother and lingering illness I have suffered. A sense of emptiness overwhelmed my late teenage and early twenties.
The motivation of this project is to rediscover what I missed in my hard time by looking into young people and their humanity. I project my uncertainty onto the subject and recall the ambivalent and complex sense such as strength, fragility, exaltation, frustration, affinity and alienation, which remain particularly in the youth.

Omotesandō avenue is the place with full of emotions and provides the diversity in that way.

Although Japanese women traditionally attend Coming of Age ceremonies wearing a furisode, a type of kimono, there was once an unconventional style woman who attended the ceremony wearing a pompadour haircut, a vintage dress and her brother's leather jacket.
A boy wearing a hooded black fur coat, came out as gay to his friends when he was a high school student, and then, told his mother so with an instant messaging of his smartphone. He told me that he could release himself from the fixed ideas of the gender by the coming-out and the self-expression in his own fashion.

In every encounter with subject, I photograph the surface reaching out their nature, which reveal a new mind set of the protean society and zeitgeist itself.

Hiroki Nakashima


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