TOKYO-GA meets Paris 2016 (EN)

TOKYO-GA meets Paris 2016
- Photo Exhibition & Photo Book Sales -

Tokyo et Paris par Daido Moriyama, Les KiKi, Michel Frapier, Naoki Honjo, Mitsugu Ohnishi,
Jérémie Souteyrat, Jean-Michel Berts et Satoshi Asakawa

Term: 6th September 〜 26th September 2016
51, rue saint-Louis-en-Iile, 2e cour, 75004, Paris


|Curator's Statement|

We are now standing at a turning point on our lives and have to reconsider our essential needs and values. Meanwhile we also need to think about the form of society we would like to live in, and we have to put an end to our ambiguous life style guided by unconvinced judgments. "Who am I?" is a question we have been asking ourselves ever since and from different point of view. We may consider this ultimate question by looking at the community and the place we belong to, however, our environment and our values in such an environment also need to be re-defined and re-evaluated.

I believe that people who are respected as photographers, have the special eyes to reveille something precious, important and true in the world we live. Through their eyes we may feel, sympathize, recognize and accept such a complicate world.

Paris has been always attracted by Japanese, even Daido Moriyama at '80 and Les KiKi at '90. They came and stayed in this exceptional city and photographed the eternal time by their eyes. Tokyo is our home, the city beloved. And now many foreigners attract its dynamism, energy, flexibility, and unique identity of Tokyo, too. We would like to share the intersecting vision by Michel Frapier, Naoki Honjo, Jérémie Souteyrat, Mitsugu Ohnishi, Jean-Michel Berts and Satoshi Asakawa. I do wish to rediscover the value of Paris and Tokyo by 8 distinguished eyes of the photographers who participate in TOKYO-GA project.

Naoko Ohta
Commissioner | TOKYO-GA

淺川敏 Satoshi ASAKAWA

→Satoshi ASAKAWA Artist page

ミッシェル・フラピエ Michel Frapier

→Michel Frapier Artist page

ジャン・ミッシェル バール Jean-Michel Berts

→Jean-Michel Berts Artist page

本城直季 Naoki HONJO

→Naoki HONJO Artist page

大西みつぐ Mitsugu OHNISHI

→Mitsugu OHNISHI Artist page

ジェレミー・ステラ Jérémie SOUTEYRAT

→Jérémie SOUTEYRAT Artist page


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