• 09.14.2017
    展覧会 "SHIBUYA" by 東京画 / TOKYO-GA meets "SHIBUYA" and PARIS 2018


    "TOKYO-GA" proudly announces the exhibition titled "SHIBUYA" will be held in January of 2018 in Tokyo as kick-off event before traveling to Paris in November 2018.

  • 11.02.2016
    The Two Mountains Photography Project
  • 10.31.2016
    L'Œil - TOKYO & PARIS movie
  • 09.13.2016
    Exhibition:TOKYO-GA meets Paris 2016 会期延長!
  • 08.24.2016
    TOKYO-GA meets Paris 2016(JP)
  • 08.10.2016
    TOKYO-GA meets Paris 2016 (EN)
  • 08.05.2016
    TOKYO-GA meets Miami Airport 2016
  • 10.22.2015
    La Librairie Imaginaire (空想の本棚) Collection 2015
  • 11.12.2014
    La Librairie imaginaire Timetable
  • 11.06.2014
    La Librairie imaginaire TOKYO-GA @Paris

    Imaginary Japanese book store produced by TOKYO-GA

    Paris, the capital of country where photography was born is the capital of photography culture. November this year, biennial photography month (Mois de la Photo) will be held and the world's biggest art fair for photography PARIS PHOTO (Nov 13th - 16th) will also taking place at the Grand Palais. During this photography festivity period in Paris, TOKYO-GA is also going to hold very unique project, "La librairie imaginaire". "La librairie imaginaire (Imaginary book store)" will be open for a limited time to present photo books filled with photographers' view, perspective, thoughts and philosophy. And through various photo books coming from the city of Tokyo, we want to present pulse, rhythm, color, shape, smell, wind, light, darkness, people, living, and scenery of Tokyo. The feeling of Tokyo, which you won't find anywhere else in the world, will be expressed by a book store as stage installations. Please come join us to feel the feeling of turning pages, continuing into world, and the distinct feeling of a book turning into from small universe to big map.

    November 13th (thur) - 29th (sat), 2014 12:00-20:00
    Opening reception: November 13th (thur) 18:00 - 21:00
    Official program: November 13th / 14th / 15th

    29 rue de Trévise 75009 Paris - France
    3 minutes walking distance from Metro Cadet

    Programs for La librairie imaginaire

    Main Program

    Exhibition and sales of photo books by TOKYO-GA participating photographers

    Event Program
    Exhibition of the original project lead by TOKYO-GA office curators as well as projection presentation of unique activities from participating artists on a day by day rotating basis.

    Program 1「Hakuho」
    Yoshihiko UEDA

    Portrait of Sumo wrestler which was published on "Time-Out Tokyo" and attracted tremendous interest. This was posted on Yokozuna Sumo wrestler, Hakuho's top blog page as portrait to capture essence of sumo wrestler praised as god.

    Program 2「Sanja matsuri」
    Michael FEATHER

    Michael FEATHER from England has been in close contact with Asakusa Senwa town council youth group from 2012 to shoot reportage of their seasonal festivity and daily life. As a compilation of his work, he has shot portraits of youth group and outfit for a festival during Sanja matsuri in May 2013. In Paris, a realistic presentation of Michael's recording sound during Sanja Matsuri 2014 will be held.

    Program 3「The Two Mountains, Mt. Kinabalu and Mt. Fuji」
    Participating artists : Mikio HASUI / Junpei KATO / Hajime KIMURA / Nadia J Mahfix / Rayyiu Radzi / Flanegan Bainon

    The original project by three photographers shooting Mt. Kinabalu (UNESCO world natural heritage in Borneo island in Malaysia) and Mt. Fuji (registered on the cultural heritage). In August 2014, exhibition and artist presentation were held in Kuala Lumpur. Also participated in Rokko International Photo Festival as keynote lecture. In April of 2015, photo exhibition and conference are planned at Shibuya Hikarie Cube.

    Program 4「One Second - SHIBUYA -」
    Yukinori TOKORO

    Yukinori TOKORO has been a longtime resident and observer of SHIBUYA,
    One day he was stunned by the rapid mutation of his turf and his familiar cityscape.
    His observations of "One Second - SHIBUYA"are not only of the cityscape but its inner psychological state.

    Program 5「Four forests - from Shrine to Amsterdam」
    Haruna KAWANISHI × Frauke (Caroline Lundblad)

    Haruna KAWANISHI has created a story about a woman rebirthing with forest in shrine, based on TOKYO-GA project "four forest of Tokyo", During her stay at the artist in residency in Amsterdam, she met with a dancer from Sweden, Frauke (Caroline Lundblad). Caroline has been under one of the most established choreographers in Japan, Min Tanaka. The collaboration of Kawanishi and Caroline has expanded from shrine to forest of Amsterdam. This time, we will try to reproduce creative time went through from two forests.

    Program 6「To the Sea」
    Kazuhiko WASHIO

    Kazuhiko WASHIO has been capturing coast line of Japan and people who live there for more than 15 years. These photographs include landscapes before and after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, images of the coast region of Tohoku devastated by the giant tsunami. Finally this year, a photo book "To the Sea" was published. The preface of this book was written by the Nobel Prize author, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio. The photograph has reached to harmony with literature.