Jean-Michel BERTS


Jean-Michel BERTS

科学者から写真家に転身。愛用のローライフレックスで体得した光の効果に焦点を絞った作品づくりは時を待つ事なく、各方面から高い評価を得る。2005年に着手した "City Portrait" はパリ、ニューヨーク、東京へと発展し、現在はさらにベニスへと展開中。

Despite a promising scientific career, Jean-Michel BERTS chose a different path - to became a photographer. With his first Rolleiflex, he became sensitive to the effects of light. Since the eighties he has worked as a still life photographer for several well-known cosmetics and perfume brands. While involved in this field, he pursued a body of work with more personal focus, called City Portraits. To achieve this unique rendering, it took him more than one year of work and research. The richness of Jean-Michel BERTS photographs also comes from his technique. He uses the method of Ansel Adams called The Zone System. With an exposure time between nine seconds and ten minutes, this method of overexposing negative and under-developing them allows a strong density, enhancing the contrast in black and white. Started the series "City portrait" in 2005 with Paris, New York, Tokyo and Venice.

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